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There is humour in the air,

I still don’t get the joke,

I donot understand the pun,

Feels strangely humiliating,

Like all eyes staring at me,

All men laughing and mocking me.

I talked and they heard a bark,

The candle lights but its still dark,

I walked, rumour’s I hopped,

It’s grief but I haven’t sobbed,

Its offensive,but I ain’t defensive

Yet they slurred in combative.

The skin feels heavy on the bone,

It seems I’ve been thrown,

There’s no cloth,modest to be worn,

’cause they’d laugh like its all torn,

I ain’t a gemstone, it ain’t a combat zone,

Only a plum-pudding stone,so just let me alone.


34 thoughts on “BULLYING

  1. Your poem captures the subject well, that first verse particularly caught me as I’ve been in that position where you’re stuck in the middle of someone else’s joke, everyone is laughing but you can’t work out what exactly they’re laughing at despite being fairly certain it’s you. You worded it perfectly.

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  2. Wow another piece of poetic art
    Beautiful lines that will definitely touch the reader’s heart 💓

    “I walked, rumour’s I hopped,
    It’s grief but I haven’t sobbed,”
    Beautiful and traits of a self made person

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      1. Identities, knowledge abt the person does not matter in the world of words
        What matters is how each one of is express our feelings
        So just consider me a friend 😁

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      2. Like you said expressions matter, it’s always better to express explicitly the truth about perceptions. confusion, the hide and seek games, pranks, all of this are good as long as it does not make the other person insecure in her own skin. you never know what drives someone to his/her breaking point. we’re all humans afterll.


    1. Yeah I saw that. Thank you so much. Preaently I’m at work. I’ll definitely put a post once I get home. I am really thankful you thought I am worthy of the nomination. 😊

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