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Destiny? Have you ever seen your destiny infront of you, moving, talking and breathing? Is your destiny made of meat and flesh, smells of spilt whiskey and has it ever asked you to look over the balcony and find it? Does your destiny talk of far fetched lands, of Jordan and Red sea, of camels and sand and Namib? Or am I the only one in deep conversations with my destiny?

My destiny, well he’s tall with Pacific blue eyes, a deep voice and a roman nose, aqualine, remarking ego and pride and a gesture more and more like me. But he’s a man, free indeed. Not a women, but a man unlike me.

And sometimes he’d ask me if I sing? But before I could answer he’d just turn the radio on. He’d ask me sometimes if I liked tea?And before I could answer, he’d make me a cup of tea, without milk and honey. I love the radio, and I love my tea without honey, but that’s not what I might have asked him for. And right before I could answer…..

My destiny, well just a friend, a treat, somewhere between flesh and meat and my dreamer’s retreat.

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