Mistakes Happen

“And the doorway cracked open,

The prince skids down the hallway,

Landing on his knees and

pulls out a diamond ring.

They kiss and the story ends in a happily ever after…….”


Weekend it is, I am jobless, no money but lots of time, so I tried to pamper myself with a movie, and with the ugliest of choice everrrr I watched a hallmark romance. I was already miserably so I try and scroll my whatsapp feed…. and magically I happen to see that nameless person change his profile picture. OMG!! He looks great, all handsome, maybe i am exaggerating. Maybe its just a construct of my mind. It could be just how an addict looks at cocaine or how I look at food. I was just out of my mind, So just to sway away the depression I was talking with my darling friend, and we end up discussing our own share of bitterness about ’emotions’+’emotional processing’.

Suddenly I so felt the need to write a compliment. Genuinely, it was an innate desire of the heart. I did type a very smart message, funny and witty and ofcourse not sounding desperate and sent it.

5 sec later when I re-read it,and ofcourse after i had already sent it. IT sounded like “the sender is a fool, F-O-O-L”. Now i didnot know what to do…. I panicked and almost threw away the phone…. wishing for the message to magically disappear.

I called the one person who could save me:”Now what??” Porus: “what are you mad??”

Me *starts panicking*

Porus:”Chill, bhai zinda hai tera!, why dont you just delete the message”

I am a technological illetreate, yet i try the delete feature. I deleted it….

Hung up the call. Thanked God and promised myself to never subscribe to any such stupidity ever. Relaxed I open the newspaper…..

But 5 min later i get a reply…

Okay which is when i realise “whatsapp delete” has 2 options( just to make life easy i suppose),

Delete for Everyone and DELETE FOR ME

Now you know I deleted the message for whom??


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