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Destiny? Have you ever seen your destiny infront of you, moving, talking and breathing? Is your destiny made of meat and flesh, smells of spilt whiskey and has it ever asked you to look over the balcony and find it? Does your destiny talk of far fetched lands, of Jordan and Red sea, of camels… Continue reading DESTINY

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He was in my mind.

It was like a saturday morning early sunrise. I was awake because I had spent the night clinging to the bed eyes wide open. I was embracing the rising sun with arms spread around, almost touching the window grills. . It felt like I wanted to be in love. Not the love where you'd ask… Continue reading He was in my mind.

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The Hassle of Love- Love never confronted parting never confirmed

It isn’t a very good day to talk; But the sun is shining brightly And i cannot resist, Blame my inadequacy, my constant struggle to meet ends, my ordinary face or my chaotic self. I was almost there and i lost it at the flick of my eyes, like it never existed. I wanted to… Continue reading The Hassle of Love- Love never confronted parting never confirmed